måndag 7 oktober 2013

Kort till Jamie!

Hello there!

Tonight I'll show you a card to a new cute little boy in the world.
I made the card with a motif from (Gummiapan?) .. Was really unsure now.
Name and date of birth are on the card to make it special. The name is punched out with the alphabet Maddie Anne.
Background Paper from Panduro, lilies from Strömstads scrapbooking, the fine air balloon I bought punched on FB.

I know that the card is forwarded and that it was very much appreciated and I am delighted!
These kinds of cards are very fun to do!

Now it will be probably a craft while this bit tough Monday night ..

Thanks for your visit and see you soon ..

Hug Lena

1 kommentar:

morkaren sa...

Skønt kort til en dejlig "stor" dreng. knus morkaren.

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